Coming soon… At SliceAbility we realize that there is a very employABLE group of individuals in our community that are often finding it difficult to find employment. We celebrate the gifts and talents of our exceptional special needs community while recognizing that their schedules, job description and expectations will vary from day to day and require special attention to their uniqueness. The mission of SliceAbility is three-fold: cooking up slices of anything from quiche to pizza while creating employment opportunities and job training for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community. Particular care will be given to offer a fun environment that is welcoming and accommodating for all individuals with disabilities.


Jeni and Matt Smith have lived and worked in this community for the past fifteen years while raising their five children. Jeni began working with the Forsyth County Schools Community Based Vocational Instruction program eight years ago by providing job training and experiences to students with special needs in our community at their restaurant in Cumming, Rosati’s Pizza. It was then that Jeni realized she could do something that would combine her heart for the special needs community while utilizing the knowledge she has acquired owning and operating a restaurant.

Behind The Scenes

Training Team = Red Hats and Red Aprons

The TRAINING TEAM will consist of employees that are learning the menu, ingredients, and developing good work habits. Training team employees require support to ensure job success.

Slice Squad = Yellow Hats and Aprons

The SLICE SQUAD will consist of employees that can complete their job independently and require little to no support to ensure success.  The Slice Squad will be determined through observation and conversation about the employee’s readiness and comfort level regarding their job.

Slice Squad Supervisors = Green Hats and Aprons or Shirts

The SLICE SQUAD SUPERVISORS will consist of a team of leaders who will be available to mentor our TRAINING TEAM and SLICE SQUAD during day-to-day operations and therefore be able to complete their job while providing assistance to their teammates.